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fresh utric seeds

hey guys where can i get fresh utricularia seeds?

Also where can i get utricularia menziesii or seeds from it?

Dunno what luck you would have, you might try Silverhill seeds. Your area I think...
hey guys where can i get fresh utricularia seeds?
If you're referring to Iperua / Orchidioides, good luck with anything except local growers.* I've literally had growers harvest fresh seed (unifolia & campbelliana & ??), pack it & ship it to me (from Europe or S. America). Zero germination. Multiple times. Obviously U. humboldtii & nelumbifolia are special cases but I hadn't heard that the others were also so time sensitive.

When I've asked some of the internet sellers, I've been told that their seed is very fresh - just 3 months old & stored in a refrigerator. I've yet to hear of anyone who has had a single seed germinate from these types of sellers.

I'd be interested in hearing if others have had better experiences.

Also where can i get utricularia menziesii or seeds from it?
For better or worse, Lowrie is the primary source (I believe).

* if my experience is relevant - which it may not be. I might just be unlucky. ???
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I concur with everything Ron just said. The seeds do not stay viable for long and/or do not handle shipping well. End result = 0 germination. To the best of my knowledge Lowrie is the only source for U.menziesii and tubers are only available from November/December through February/March.
I have contacted lowrie and he says seeds are now available. Silverhill has gone to crap since the doys offer any fresh cp seeds anymore. Not surprising since no one in this country cares about the customers anymore
While Lowrie has outstanding tubers, I would highly advise against buying his seed. Don't waste your money.
Unfortunately some plants are only available through seed so I have no choice