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Free stuff

Hello all,
So I am finishing my all to short stint in Austin TX. I will soon pack up my plants into my little car and drive back up north to NY.

I do however, have some stuff that isn't worth bringing all the way back up there, as it is probably too bulky or dangerous (superthrive spill in a car = bad smell forever). Unfortunatly for "ya'll" I have already found homes for my extra plants. What I do have to offer is the following:

1 nearly full 8 quart bag of Scott's Shagnum peat moss
1 nearly full 8 quart bag of Scott's Perlite
1 half full bottle (60 ml) of superthrive
1 bottle of Liquid plant fertilizer
several misc plastic pots of various sizes.

I thought I'd offer this stuff up for free to people in this forum as I'm trying to get rid of this stuff. To simplify things, take everything as a package so I only have to deal with one person.

First person to reply gets it, good luck. We'll PM or e-mail after that to arrange a drop off. I'm leaving this coming monday so I'd like to get this done on Saturday if possible.

Just hate to throw usefull stuff out

Welcome back to NY ritlane.
BTW, where are ya going to anyhow? NYC? Albany? Syracuse?
I'm heading back up to Rochester to finish up my last few months of RIT.  Hopefully the plants will survive the trip up as it is getting colder up there (and I'm stoping in Colorado "on the way" for some snowboarding

Also... offer is still open, free plant goodness!

Oh yes, Colorado is on the direct route to NY

Where you plan on boarding? If they have the snow, Breckenridge is nice. They used to have a top notch park too
Hi ritlane, little weather for ya. Not that cold up here YET
But it has snowed a little but no accumulation of any problem. So get up here and welcome home!
Have fun snowboarding too.