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Free N. Miranda with four growth points

I have a large nepenthes miranda with four growth points. Overall the combined plant mass is a foot in diameter.

The plant is an intermediate, and hasn't been doing well on my window in highland conditions, so I'm getting rid of it.

The plant does need some TLC, probably just more intermediate temps and brighter light.

I think $16 will suffice in covering shipping and packing materials.
I prefer paypal over other forms of payment
Plant will be sent bareroot.
US only

Under the right conditions, this is what the plant looks like (the plant with red leaves) Click for a larger view

PM me if you're interested.
Preference goes to people who already grow a few intermediates.

The plant is free, but I'm posting my wish list

N. reinwardtiana, red "dark red squat form from Phill Mann"
N. tobaica BE-3260
N. reinwardtiana, red from seed
N. reinwardtiana red LHNN C0333
N. reinwardtiana "pasia red" from MT
N. copelandii BE-3047
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I would love to get this plant if a trade doesn't come through (definitely give that first priority, though.) I can paypal you the shipping if that's okay. This would go awesome in my nep tank!

Thanks, happy growing!
This is not a first come first serve.
I realize many people may be at work or school.
John - thought you might like to know that the N. copelandii clone your asking for, BE-3047 is not N. copelandii, but rather N. mindanaoensis...