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Freakin hot in Montréal !

Theses days in montreal we experiment extremes temperatures. Today was 41C at 3PM, and tonight will be 23C+

The weather will be like that for 4 more days :-(

Its the first time i experiment that, and even with my A/C running directly on my highland tanks, the temp inside remain at 30C ! And at night i cannot drop below 20C. I pretty sure my helis and my highland plants will experiment some setback.
Do you guys ever experiment extremes temperatures for your plants? And how you deal with that?

Every time I had been there, Montreal had been in the negative numbers; just can't imagine it hot . . .
If you come in winter, maybe LOL
Its summer now :)
93F where I am in N.Y., heat index 103F !
boston area lookin at 90s next 7 days and no rain :/ i hate this weather
Same here, i HATE that. Tomorrow i will shut down all my T5s over my highlands terra, because its really really hot inside. I think hot temperature can damage the plants more than a day or 2 in the dark.

Saturday this ****** weather will be cooler.

I hope my plants will not be affected at all :-(