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Forum server move! Please take note....

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hello all! If you read my last note about my gallery site moving, you may have realized that the forum too will be moving. Please make sure you have your bookmark saved as www.terraforums.com (the www is necessary for some features to fully work) and if you notice an error or the forum is "gone" it's just the natural process of everything getting moved. All the data will be moved, followed by the domain so there shouldn't be any data loss... just the delay of the DNS pointing to the new server location... but if some recent replies or newest posts end up missing, I'm really :sorry: But it's all for the better! :-D

Thank you for being so awesome.
When is the date this will be moved?
Not sure. The new company provides free move. So I'm going to opt for that. :p If I get a time/date ahead of time I'll let you know. But I assume it will be a "give us your login details and we'll get to it" kind of thing.

Most importantly. Don't come here and see an error of some kind and think I'm gone forever. LOL Something happened long ago when I first bought these forums and was doing upgrades, that caused it to go down for a bit of time. It took a long time to build that membership back up.... :-\

Ouch. Ive been part of / seen some monumental forum crashes. Thanks for the info Adne.
Ok I think the main part of it is done... Sorry it was almost a day. :-\ may be some more short outtages.... But I doubt they'll be for any real amount of time like this. BUT could still include loss of most recent posts/replies when the final database copy is moved.


P.S. 24 registered members were looking at the forum closed note when I opened the forum just now. That makes me feel really really bad. :crap: :cry:
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It was like waiting in line for the store to open.
Well, it says the DNS is moved already... so I opened the forum. Hopefully that's right, it is kinda confusing to check since both servers currently have the exact same copy of the forums on it. LOL

So I guess if you see anything strange happening, please let me know so I can check it out.
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Warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in ..../newreply.php on line 389

error when posting a reply

messed up display in "go advanced"

all should be solved
Every thing looks ok so far.

As of about 7pm PDT the DNS pointers still hadn't updated so I changed my primary and secondary DNS servers and it started resolving to the new host site. Flushing the DNS cache on Windows might help - from command line enter ipconfig /flushdns. Of course if you are reading this it doesn't matter as your DNS server should have updated at this point.
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Paul, I got your note about avatars and will look at that... but more importantly have been dealing with the data base thing..

Back story- I've had to upgrade to quite a large server over the years, mainly to keep up with the one day load of the NASC auctions. That took me up to a $130-ish a month server. But for the rest of the year I use a very small portion of that awesome dedicated server. So the move was to a virtual private server, still don't share any resources with anyone so we don't have to worry about that. And the coolest thing, I can change my hardware configuration up and down for the nasc auction... if to a better server than I had before, and then down to something more reasonable for the rest of the year.

I'm not sure what happened yesterday, but I was at was doing the family thing all day for my grandpa's funeral and didn't even know it was down. Fixed it this AM but couldn't find why it went down. Then it happened again this AM. Again, don't know why... So the other error you were just now getting was me upgrading to the next hardware package... we will see how that goes!

Thanks all for your patients and understanding during these changes. And please make sure to let me know if you notice anything else not working quite right.
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Just got an update on the ticket for all the database issues.... I'm not much of a linux guy, but seems to make sense. Here's to hoping!

Hello Andrew,

While checking I can see some exim stat queries taking too much time to complete (around 1200s) and suspect this eventually putting mysql to an unresponsive state. I have now truncated the Exim stat database and enabled mysql monitoring in cPanel. Please keep monitor this and let us know if you still see any downtime with mysql.
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mysql updated to the newest version (5.4.x to 5.5.x)

And database repaired/optimized
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Are your IT guys from earth?! Lol I didn't understand a word of that! Then again I am typing this with chisel and stone. I

Edit, Oh no! It didn't copy your quote from post 11
Just got an update on the ticket for all the database issues.... I'm not much of a linux guy, but seems to make sense. Here's to hoping!
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The image issue in reply #11 should be solved. ImageMagick has been installed and configured. (tested by uploading an image to a post, but didn't try avatars...)

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Did the move affect FlyTrapShop?
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No, that is hosted directly through a e-commerce site. But I did recently change that to a different one too .
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Server seems nice and stable now.... time to move the domains, this may take terraforums.com, cpforums.org, and flytrapshop.com offline for a bit... and all the other domains that point to that stuff.... I'm not sure how long the move usually takes, but if you start getting errors, that is why.

I think that since I have them currently working, I can configure them immediately at the new host so when it moves over they are already configured making there no or very minimal downtime, but just so you know...........

Thanks again all!
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I've been getting "The server too busy at the moment. Please try again later.". After retrying a few times everything seems fine. It might take several minutes before normal functions resume. It happened to me 3 or 4 times yesterday. Seems infrequent - several days will pass before it happens again. This lead me to believe you were on it or it had been solved.

A quick google search seems the recommended solution from vBulletin is to:

AdminCP > Settings > Options > Server Settings and Optimization Options >*NIX Server Load Limit > Set to 0 and save.
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Have you gotten it today? I changed server settings last night on how PHP was processed and it has dropped the server load by quite a bit. As of right now the server load is .36, and should indicate there is basically no load on it and all pages should be getting served promptly.

PS the setting you are referring to would make the error go away, but a huge delay would take its place... so really doesn't solve the issue.
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