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Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you use a fogger to keep the humidity levels up in your tank. I am thinking about purchasing a small fogger and leaving on the low setting so my humidity will be constant all day. Lowest my humidity gets without a fogger is around 70% before I spray the tank done again. Are there any plants that don't like high humidity?

Current plants in terrarium:
N. ampullaria
Venus Flytrap
S. cernua (orchid)
I don't think there are any plants that don't like high humidity. Maybe Drosophyllum lusitanicum, but I'm pretty sure you're not going to put that in a terrarium. To keep humidity levels up in my tank, I just put plastic wrap on top, although I'm trying to get a glass lid to put on it. Does your terrarium have an open top? If it has a lid I don't see why you would need a fogger, although it would probably help keep it cool.
70% is not bad for humidity so unless your plants are going dry I'm not sure you would need a fogger.
I agree, if your lowest point is 70% then you will be fine without a fogger.

Only your N. ampullaria might want more humidity, but what is your high humidity level?
After spraying it's at 98% for around 1-2 hours. Then starts to fall.
Closed top open side. I want to make sure there is enough air circulation before I close the up the open side. I have a small fan coming in the mail as we speak.
I think it would be fine if you just closed the side and put a fan inside. That way you would have high humidity and adequate air circulation inside the tank. If you plan on completely closing the tank, I think a fogger would just be redundant.
Exactly what Tanukimo said.
Cool. Thanks for the help guys!