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Flytraps...lots of flytraps!

I find that my cell phone isn't that smart when it comes to updating my growlist, so I'll be updating it elsewhere tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a pretty large assortment of flytraps available for trade. I'm looking for varieties I don't have. Sundews would be interesting, too. Keep an eye on the updated list.

Here's what's available:

Green Swamp clone - a TC plant produced by SE Community College, near the swamp
King Henry
Big Mouth
All Green
Burbank's Best
Flytrap Farm clone
Big Jaws x Dente
Petite Dragon
Pink Venus
Clumping Form
Cross Teeth
Long Red Fingers
Royal Red
Holland Red
/edit nvm I mistook a name for something else lol
If you're interested in trading for seeds, I have D. intermedia "Carolina Form" and D. capensis seeds for trade. I also have D. spatulata "Frazer island".
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PM sent
Like hcarlton, I have some D. natalensis seeds that I can trade if you are interested.
i would love a Long Red Fingers i have extra Drosera adelae and Drosera alicia if your interested pm me
looks like a very long list for someone who had a bunch of flytraps stolen before your move, Let meknow how I can help you
Hi Lois!
I've been working overtime rebuilding the collection. I was fortunate that an entire tray of King Henry wasn't lost. All of those have flowered and been cross-pollinated with everything else in the collection. I should have some interesting new plants next year.

Do you see anything on my list that you'd like...and anything I need to have?