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Ok so I thought this was kinda weird. I grew some sarracenia outside for the summer and they did wonderful but didn't flower. So be it, figured they might be to young still. I brought them inside for dormancy and such and to my surprise it shot out two flowers at once. Didn't set the plant back noticeably so I let it pass. So recently I bought a tarnok and it looks about 3 yrs old. I planted it next to everything else and to my great surprise that to started to flower on a shorter photo period and cooler temps. Any ideas as to why my plants flower indoors off season and not outside?
The plants are not dormant as they should be, these sound like they should be next springs flowers, bought on early, what are your indoor temperatures and conditions?
Sometimes Sarracenia throw up late season flowers, usually due to abnormal conditions triggering it but occasionally just because they feel like it. If yours are indoors, they may think it's spring again and so are bringing up blooms; if you don't plan on letting them bloom and grow now I would cut them off.