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Flowering N. ventricosa "red"

Hello all,
I'll be posting this in the Nepenthes thread too just in case, but I have a male N. ventricosa "red" that has flowers opening right now, so if there is anyone who has female flowers that I haven't already talked with, who would be interested in pollen, let me know, either in the thread or in PM.
Not sure if this is too late, but I am going to be receiving a female N. veitchii x x Tiveyi with a flower stalk towards the end of the week. Not sure if the flowers will be in good enough shape to take pollen or not. I'll let you know if the flowers seem in good health and we can talk. :)
Don't worry, no one will be too late for a few months. The flowers on mine have only just begun opening for the past few days, and will continue for probalby a month or 2. Pollen can be stored long after that. But if the flower stalk looks ok, let me know and I'll send you some pollen.
Update: both flower stalks are producing pollen, and I already have over 20 packets available.
My veitchii x x Tivey came and the flower stalk is in good condition, isn't wilting. I'll have to see if it aborts or not over the next few weeks. Not sure how many packets of pollen it would take, but it looks like it will have tons of flowers on it. Can I reserve a packet just in case it continues growing the flower stalk?

I don't think reserving will be necessary, but I'll keep a couple around for you in case the demand gets that high. This would be an amazing cross.
Still have plenty of pollen up for grabs, any interesting females flowering out there?