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Flower Stalk? Utric? What Is This?


Formerly known as Pineapple

It is on a little brown stalk going up from the pot... Not from a drosera or anything, just out of the pot I think. It is near drosera, the entire pot is covered in drosera. It doesn't look like a utric to me... What is it?

There are two, but one got bent. They are brown.
Yeah, that really looks like a drosera flowerstalk to me..
Old, dried dew stalk.
What do I do with it? Are there seeds in there?
LOL! Yes, you can look for seeds. Don't expect any, and don't bother trying to put a label on them, but congratulations on an apparently successful ninja flowering.
I smashed the pods with my fingers and some seeds fell out. They're D. spatulata or D. aliciae... I think I found them coming from under an aliciae but not for sure. I got maybe 40 seeds. I know they are drosera seeds because I sowed some a few weeks back of D. spatulata. Wrapped them in a wet paper towel like I would do for strat and then I stuck them in a plastic bag and put them in the GH so they can be warmish and get some light. How long does it usually take them to germinate? If I have a time range, I'll open the bag towards the end of the time range and sow them on some medium. I just didn't want to create a medium mix for another pot yet. :p
About a month for subtropicals.
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About a month for subtropicals.

Okay, thanks! I'll open it up in 6 weeks to give it a bit of extra time since it was an old stalk. :)