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So I don't have a lot, but i'm super proud of my plants. I talk to them and tell them they are doing good. They seem to like it. Here it is:

I have four S. purpureas, a couple i lost the tags for, so at this point i call them all purpureas. I have a S. Red throat, a couple Luecophylla, dana's delight. I have a couple sundews, they die back each winter and come up again in the spring, right after i think :Oh no, i killed them over the winter!" and they are bigger and more pretty each time. I have some VFT, one typical, one king henry and one red dragon that turned kinda green this year. I also have a few little guys that i've rescued from local nurseries. Not the death domes, but the kind that are on clearance and really dry. I also have one little cobra lilly.

I have a couple little rescues that are under lights atm, a vft and an interesting purpurea with ruffled pitchers. I have one butterwort primaflora. I also have several nepenthes, a graciliaflora, a red leopard, a dubia cross, sanguilana x spectabillis, one that i think is a green form truncata but im not positive, and a couple hybrids im not sure what they are. This month i had my very first cutting finally take root after months of waiting and watching the other cuttings slowly die. I also have an unknown hybrid that i crossed with a maxima that im really hoping is setting seeds.

I would really like to try some aquatics, but im holding off until i get my greenhouse built this spring. I have tried a couple times really hard to grow tropical sundews, but i sadly just can't get the hang of it. So im focusing on what i can grow well and get more varieties rather than more species.

Thank you all so much for your help and kindness!! It is so appreciated!!