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Floating aquatics for tropical terrarium?

Hey folks I'm developing a plan for a semi aquatic tank and I'm curious if there is a floating Utric species (preferably larger traps) or form of Aldrovanda that can live in a tropical vivarium year round and not need cool temps to form turions & go dormant?
you should try your "quelchii" ;)

but in seriousness, you should check out U. biloba, U. fulva can as well---mine grows in soil, but spreads out over the water.
I want something more substantial along the lines of U. inflata or Aldrovanda with the surface floating structures cos I want to get some water surface dwelling fish in the paludarium I'm planning and want some neat floating plants. I have some gibba I resurrected from a tiny thread but I want something more meaty - and visible traps! :D

I actually planted all my tricolor & tricolor "quelchii" in my tabletop aquarium tonight. While unpotting the three pots I saw that the tri/quel does have meatier roots and bigger traps despite being grown in the same conditions (net pot of LFS). Anyway, I planted those in one corner, I thought I would have more runners but it only very sparsely populated a 4 x 4 area or so. I'd like to fill the extra areas in but I kinda wanna see just the tricolor fill it all in with short heart shaped leaves I think I've got a pretty neat mountain scene going in this tank. If I do plant anything else I probably will use the fulva cos I have quite a bit of it and would look like a nice "meadow" of short thin grass blades between the slabs of slate.