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Fish food

I would like to give fish food to my dews. I am wondering if there is a certain kind I should use or just the tetra food I already have on hand?
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I usually just give them beta pellets. The leaves curl around them nicely :-D.
I use fish food that is high in protein. For example, Omega One dried blood worms are 55% crude protein based on the label. I would test out the fish food you have on hand and see how your dews respond. It is fun to me to use the trial and error approach and learn from what happens in my growing conditions.
I use freezed dried bloodworms. I pulverize them first, into a powder.
I just used some of the fish food on one of my pings and dews. The ping is drooling with happiness dews haven't really done anything yet. (I just found out which tentacles on the burrmannii go really fast, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Could I just simply put a whole freeze dried blood worm on a leaf and call it a day? I have a whole bottle of them going to waste under my aquarium. I stopped feeding them to my fish because they didn't like them
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Blood worm are fine, but I would suggest thawing them out first as you might burn the leaf if its to cold, but yes blood worms are fine to use
I also like to hydrate the beta fish pellets I use. I crush them to a powder and then add just enough water to firm a paste. I feel like this might make it a bit easier for the plants to digest, though I'm not positive.
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I just placed an order and am expecting to receive a few sundews in the mail next week. These posts are great and very helpful!
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Hey Folks,

Just wanted to give an update on my dews regarding fish food.

Since I received my dews in April, I have been using these small fish pellets that I already had on hand. I switched between sprinkling it on as a powder and mixing it with liquid to create a paste. I've been reading all about dried blood worms on the forums and bought a bottle at the pet store this past weekend. I took a small pinch and placed it in a cup with a few drops of water...OMG do the sundews love it! I used tweezers to break them up into smaller pieces and simply draped it onto the tentacles. My capensis folded itself in half when I put one on it. My tokaiensis is now rolled up tighter than a stack of quarters.

That's my advice to anyone reading this so far...go to a pet store and buy yourself a pair of nice, long metal feeding tongs and a bottle of freeze dried blood worms.