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Hello all!
Unlike most people around the US, with warm, humid conditions from February onward, here in CO the wild fluctuations and dry air have finally allowed some of my plants to start looking presentable. here's some I thought looked alright:
A recent addition, S. flava rugelii x oreophila

Always looking nice no matter the weather, S. oreophila

Another new addition, S. (rubra x oreophila) x purpurea venosa burkii

The first pitcher on my SG flava atropurpurea x ornata

The smaller of my two S. 'Scarlet Belle', these guys always afford a good show here

A couple color forms of the common "death cube" purpurea venosas

And finally, just because they're all in the same place, a couple flowering flytraps

Please excuse the blurriness I some pics, still getting used to my new camera!
Looks like spring has sprung in Greeley! Looking good and looking forward to pics of the SG flava atropurpurea x ornata later in the season.
Good growing to you! This is why I loathe Ohio's weather in the north. Just when you think summer's arrived, the next day--BAM!--it's fifty degrees and you have to take your plants in and sacrifice all the lovely sunshine, bugs, and rain they could get! :cuss:
you plants are still at least a week ahead of mine up here in mass lol. they are flowering noew but most havent pitchered yet.

great lookin plants! :D
Adding a few more photos as things start to look nice.
S. rubra gulfensis x alata black

S. x readii clone

S. 'Cobra's Nest'

S. 'Snake Bite'

An unknown leuco form

S. (rubra x oreo) x purp burkii new pitcher

And just because they're all in the same place, some flowering flytraps and a cape sundew coming back in the hot CO sun