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Fingers crossed for my N. villosa!

Finally decided to bite the bullet and repot my big old N. villosa! Its been in its old compost too long and also got jammed in its home in the greenhouse. I should have done it a few years back as the leaves are looking more stressed than I like and pitchering as been few and far between these last few years. The roots did not look too bad though it was a bit disturbing seeing just how thin and woody the original and basal growth gets near the roots. And found a bit of rot as well near that section. :( Cleaned it up and after washing away all the old compost repotted in a nice fresh mix and repositioned it in the pot a bit better. But still far too soon to tell how it will respond- so fingers firmly crossed!




bill (Now for that N. rajah!!)
Now that is a beautiful plant. Do you have any idea how old it is, Bill?
Wow that is incredible :drool:
Wow! Well I'll keep mine crossed because we all in the hobby wouldn't want a plant of that size and stature to be lost.
good Lord.. your basal could eat my villosa for lunch.
fingers crossed.
14 years ago..
I was just 1 year out of high school when you got that bad boy.
Not to make anyone feel old...
Truly a great plant though, nice job and good luck with it!
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I was three when you got that thing!
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vbkid needs some math tutoring.

Nice plant.
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We are in the 2010's. The last decade was the 2000's. The one before that was the 1990's. I realize it wasn't a full 20 years, but it was 2 decades ago.
Edit: No need to start a war on semantics, I was just trying to point out how it seems a LONG time :)
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:drool: That's one beast of a plant! I definitely hope it continues to do well for you and my guess is it can only respond well from a nice, new repotting!
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vbkid- I was just messin!:-O
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I was only three when that thing started growing for you, and that is a HUGE villosa for cultivation! WOW, hope it continues to grow.
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Very impressive.
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Dang that thing is about as old as me! You have my fingers crossed. Good luck!!
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Bill drops the V-bomb

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congrats on such a large villosa,any chance you have any old pics of it in full swing(am sure i speak for the masses)
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:drool:awesomly amazing :drool: :drool: x 10
where did you get it
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