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filliformis self cloning on live seed stalk?

I have seen a drosera strike if a live leaf gets itself buries but never off of a living seed stalk in mid air. Is this common? either way it is pretty cool looking. sorry about the crappy focus btw.

Can't see what you are talking about in that pic, but I have had that happen on VFT with a whole plant forming off a flower stalk.
i know the focus is terrible but it looks like a shadow in the exact middle of the frame. underneath the flower pods are 2 little "V's" that definitely look like strikes. Just never seen it before....only explanation I can come up with is maybe the flower stalk was next to a dewing stalk keeping it moist enough to strike.
Probably "false vivipary" where plantlets form where a flower bud should be. The process is not understood. Not rare, not common so I guess the occurrence is uncommon? Or it could be seeds germinating prematurely in the seed capsule.

Do a search on "false vivipary" both on the forum search and Google.

Here's an instance that I had:
I have had dewy leaves grow out of flower stalks on my Drosophyllum, but have not seen it on my filiformis. Would be interesting to see if yours continue to grow out from the flower stalk. Perhaps cut the stalk off just below the leaves and plant it to see if it roots.
I've gotten this on tokaiensis before. It happens only in certain conditions, though. In my experience this is lower light levels, hot, and humid.
I've had this happen on D. intermedia from the Carolinas, and it's rather common for this species. Could be it may be less common, but still very possible for the rest of the N. America dews.
I believe the technical term for this is vegetative apomixis. But it also could be false vivipary. Have the flowers already bloomed? If so then it is vegetative apomixis most likely, if not then it is probably false vivipary.
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i believe the flowers have already bloomed.....the seed pods are black.
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if you put your hand behind the flower it will focus way better