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Fertilizing drosera seedling with 4 drops kelp extract per/L is it safe???

is it safe for me to fertilize my 3 week old drosera seedlings with a foliar feed made up of 4 drops of kelp extract per litre of water? and if yes how many more drops do you think i could safely add? thanks in advance

It's always a crapshoot when fertilizing seedlings. Just test your solution on a few plants. If there is no reaction (tentacle movement) after one hour then up the concentration and test on a different batch. You want to elicit a just a bit of tentacle motion within an hour. A strong reaction with the leaves curling (assuming it is a species that does this) is too strong of a mixture. Then wait a few days to see if there is any "burn". The MaxSea product in the US seems to be the most burn-free fertilizer out there. Fertilizing twice a month should be sufficient.