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My N. Anubis (spathulata (thorelii x densiflora)) is double-flowering. The first flower I'm pollinating with my N. maxima dark x talangensis just because it happens to be flowering at the same time. The second flower is still a few weeks away from developing and I figured I'd try another hybrid with it. I'm not too picky about the other parent. I'm not crazy about overly complex hybrids, but this is an opportunity for me to practice sowing nepenthes seeds for the first time. Looking for your standard 50/50 seed split.
I have both N. x mixta and N. 'Miranda' pollen available right now. Ought to find some interesting offspring with that parentage.
Mixta sounds promising. We'll see if there are any other offers. The flower has weeks yet to form.
I have pollen from N. Song of Melancholy I can offer you: