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feeding pygmy drosera or seedlings

(i tried the search function on this topic but couldn't get any good hits)

last night i spent an hour or so tediously applying small bits of ground up, wet bloodworm "goo" to the leaves of my new pygmy's. ( i fed one leaf per plant) one pot of species is far too small and numerous to bother with. I was just wondering if theres some way other than hand feeding to feed these tiniest of leaves.. this could apply to seedlings as well. I fed a few seedling drosera last night too but the rest were simply too small (i guess the advice there would be to just let them grow bigger first)
Springtails. Leave a pot of old damp yucky peat moss, maybe sprinkle some of the ground bloodworm on it, outdoors on soil for a few days. Hopefully it will get infested with springtails. Bring it in an place it near your Drosera pots. The springtails will spread to the other pots and feed the seedlings and pygmies.

That's what I do but the last few years have been so dry there is a shortage of springtails near me. You can buy them as feeders for reptiles and amphibians but buying springtails seems so wrong :)
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I use pulverized freezed dried bloodworms for sundews and butterworts.
Search youtube for snow lice (aka springtails) :p
ok, i guess snow lice isn't a well know term for these things since youtube and google turned up lots of really stupid unrelated stuff.. but i did figure out they are active even during winter (thus the term snow flea or snow lice) :p

thanks! :)
Freeze dried daphnia. Works wonders for me.
I will second Wire man's remark (which he also told me a while ago) with regards to the daphnia. Apply them just like you would apply bloodworms to large dews.
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I take a toothpick, wet the tip, the use the tip to pick up a small amount of the daphnia and place it directly on the tentacles. For my pot o' roseanna I just sprinkle the daphnia over the pot, since the sand isn't even visible anymore, so the daphnia is bound to find the leaves.
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Finely ground up fish food. VERY light sprinkling over the plants.