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Father’s day gift. Nepenthes x ventrata.


It’s a trap!
Got these today as a father’s day gift.



Funny pitcher that grew wrong.


Now to find a good place for them.

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nice and good sized plants. Happy Father's Day!
Looks like the same one my wife grabbed me a few weeks ago. Crazy how they cut the top of the vine off and sell them that way. Mine has activated nodes now but yours look further long. I decided to try mine in my house, I never have... You would think I had. Haha!
Mine had the funny pitcher too :p

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I noticed they cut the vines off. I think they missed one on the first plant I got. I wonder if they use them for propagation.

Mine will be outside for a bit. We have rain in the forecast everyday for a week. Plan to bring them indoors once I get a enclosure for them. Eventually it will get hit and dry.

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Hey [MENTION=5296]NickHubbell[/MENTION] how are yours doing? I still have mine in the kitchen, it has put out lots of growth but not many pitchers at this point. The few it has put out are much smaller... With all the fish tanks humidity sits around 30-40% it seems.
PS the aquaglobe thing seems to do pretty well at keeping the media moist enough, I have to fill it every 4-6 days (it's a large one).

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Doing well. Will need to bring them inside soon. Getting into the mid 50s at night.

Surprisingly one still has most of its original pitchers in good shape. The one on the left has the original pitchers starting dry up. Didn’t expect them to last that long.

Also have a grey tree frog that made a home in the mini greenhouse I put the plants in. He’s been in there for a couple of months.


Taken 9-22-19.


Taken 9-21-19

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The pitchers are hanging in there pretty well! I was impressed with mine LOL Cool frog in there too :p What's the humidity out there?
Just checked. 80%

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Yeah my humidity is nowhere near that in here. Still growing well and it seems more and more pitchers are opening and getting bigger. But still not close to what it had.

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My plant grew so much, the majority of it was no longer in the window. I believe this lack of light is what caused it to stop pitchering.
The first photo is the most recent I had (oh I think its the same from my last post), I should have taken one! The vines were so long they were hanging down and touching my head when at the sink.
Second photo is new pot vs old pot.
This new hanging location doesn't get any direct sun. So I'm putting it on the table every night to get some sun in the morning before I hang it up later in the day. Not sure what I'm actually going to do with it though...

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