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Faster growth after 30 days acclimation and pitcher thief

Well I've had this plants for 30 days now. At first it was growing super slowly but I guess they were acclimating to the new environment. In the last few days, the growth has been phenomenal. Just wanted to share my excitement.

Cephalotus Follicularis ( I love how new growths starts out as little furry white dots)

Cobra Lily (It's 1st new growth had no head..... but the second one sure is growing strong and fast)

Drosera Venusta ( Initially it wasn't dewing up but I guess it wants to flower instead)

Finally, this spider is really cute. I'd touch the hood and the spider would climb up thinking it's food. The pitcher it chose to reside in is almost filled with dead bugs. It is literally sitting on top of all the bugs. It's def happy.
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