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fast Drosera binata tentacles

I accidentally fed a springtail to my Drosera binata when I was trying to give it to my capensis, and I noticed that the tentacle quickly moved to the inside of the leaf. I'd never seen a Drosera tentacle move that fast before except on burmannii before, so I thought I'd share. It's still not as fast as a "snap" tentacle, but it was pretty amazing to see the tentacle actually move in front of me. It's more dramatic in person, so if you have Drosera I'd recommend seeing it for yourself.
In the video you can see one of the outer tentacles with a springtail moving toward the middle.
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A good effort and a subject worthy of video. I haven't done anything like this but it's interesting to consider.
Thanks for the encouragement. I wish the focus had been better. I'll try to see if other Drosera can do this as well.