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Exo Terra 18x18x24 CP terrarium question

Guys I Have a Exo Terra 18x18x24 And I want to put all my cp plants in there. I will lift plant to light fixtures with netted pots and egg crates to make sure plants are lifted to get enough light.

My question is can you guys post links as to where i can get A square T5 fixture that I can put ontop of this tank(that would fit this tank)?

Thank you for replys,

Looks like a good fixture a guy at a hydro store told me today There is 18x24 T5 or 18x18 T5 square fixtures but was wondering if any of you have them? or have gotten them online.
but just like the lights i linked, they are longer than the tank

and that set of lights is insanely overpriced
but just like the lights i linked, they are longer than the tank

and that set of lights is insanely overpriced
I do like the set you posted a lot
and as for overpriced i am used to paying reef prices what is a good set run for growing ?
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GOOD GOD THAT IS HELLA CHEAPER I WOULD GO WITH THAT !!! i should have looked online for grow lights instead of Reef lighting would have saved some dough
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Thanks guys....Brie can I use exo terra bulbs? are they bright and powerful enough which bulb desert or rainforest ?
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The desert/rainforest bulbs are only different in how much UVB they put out, which has little proven benefit for plants. I would fill the fixtures with standard fluorescent lights. Just make sure you do your research on lumens, Kelvin and CRI.

Good Growing,
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Can you send me a link of what bulbs would be sufficent enough to have the power to please the plants Ill buy them online. send the link if u can~!
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exo terra would be good but how many inches can the plants be away from it?
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As close as possible!
If you are using four CFLs, 18 inches would be fine.

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I have the same exo-terra for my big nepenthes. I just put a glasses on the top, and add a tube 24inches T5 over all this. Work nicely.

If you grow heli or another plant who need more light, you can add extra tubes.
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@maiden can you post a pic?
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@maiden can you post a pic?

Sure :)




I use a sunblaster tube 24inches 24watts with a nano crystal reflector. And all the new leaves are redish, so the plant have enough light. its a very easy setup !