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Enagic Kangen Water machine?

It ionises water over plates and apart from removing chlorine via a carbon filter, raises the PH level potentially up to 11, which in itself is not good for carnivorous plants as they enjoy acidic conditions. It says it discharges highly alkaline and acidic water by ionisation, but it has no method of removing the TDS so the chemicals are still present in the water, it does not purify the water.
So my advice, unless your water is pure going into the machine, in which case electrolysis wouldn't take place in any case, would be no don't use it.

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Assuming that the unit electrolyses the water but does not utilize cation exchange to remove the H+ ions, it means that you end up with two streams: the "intended" water with a higher pH, and a "waste" stream with lower pH. Assuming that the water going into the system is relatively pure or purified to remove excess salts, it's possible that you could use the stream that is normally considered "waste".

Once again though, as Steve mentions, if the water going in doesn't have a low enough TDS, this filter won't do anything to make the water usable.