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I have 8 reflectors measuring 22" long X 4" deep X 2" tall, these are approx. measurements as they are old used reflectors and may be slightly bent at one end or the other.

1 reflector measuring 17" long X 2.75" deep X 1.5" tall, approx. measurements, old reflector...blah blah.

1 24" all glass dual incandescent aquarium hood, haven't tested and will on request.

DSC_0748 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

I'm open to trades for a single items or all of them. Continental US only.

I'm looking for any of the following.

Easy to grow, year round Pings. I don't want to mess with a dormant cycle. Plants/seeds/seedling/leaf pulls

Nep. ampullaria clones or locations I don't currently have. Plants/seeds/seedlings
Nep. bellii Plants/seeds/seedlings
Nep. albomarginata clones or locations I don't currently have. Plants/seeds/seedlings
Nep. glabrata clones or locations. Plants/seeds/seedlings

Brocchinia reducta Plant/seeds/seedlings

Utricularia calycifida clones or locations. Plants/seeds/seedlings

Cephalotus variations or locations I don't currently have. Plants/seeds/seedlings/leaf pulls

Miniature orchids species under 4" total height for intermediate conditions. No hybrids or unided

Miniature ferns species fronds no larger than 1" with a total plant size under 3". No hybrids or unided
Do you have ballasts as well or just reflectors
Just what is in the photo, no ballasts.