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drosophylum tips??


Cardiac Nurse
I received some drosophylum seeds five of them at the end of last year. I've been afraid to plant them. I need to plant them and get them going before the go bad. I would greatly appreciate some tips on how to start and maintain this genus. I've never attempted to grow them before and honestly I forgot the advice give to me on how to start them.

I need to know a good medium recipe too please. Sun/shade. I plan on growing it outside here in SC if its possible.

To germinate them, I always nip off the small end of the seed with fingernail clippers and sow them in peat pots on pure vermiculite. Keep them moist and humid and you should see germination quickly. Once the plants are 3-4" tall I plant them, peat pot and all into their permanent pots. Be sure to use pots large enough to accommodate the adult plants since they can not be repotted. I use a mix of sand, peat, Grow Stones and vermiculite for the media. These plants do best in a green house or outside in mild weather.
Thanks Johnny! Is that a 1:1:1 ratio of peat:sand:vermiculite?? I don't have any of those growstones yet. You keep telling me about them.
Unless I have other tips to try by the time I get home I'm planting tonight!!!

One more thing. The end I snip off is thepointy end right? If I remember correctly they are a teardrop shape?
Yeah, pretty much 1:1:1 ratio. You can use pumice, APS or perlite in place of the grow stones. Snip off just the very tip of the little pointy end. Much easier than trying to scarify them. I also soak them for a day or two prior to sowing.
I need to find perlite or pumice around here without ferts. I know C&H have it but they are over an hour away. Hmmm

Ok I'll start soaking tonight.

Thanks again Johnny.
You don't really need to worry about them going bad. Droso seeds are known to stay good for years in some cases. And agreed, a higher mineral/coarse substance soil mix is better for their draining needs.
You don't really need to worry about them going bad. Droso seeds are known to stay good for years in some cases.

I believe it was Bob Z. who found a packet of 10 year old Drosophyllum seeds at the back of his fridge. Most of them germinated without issue.
These have been stored at room temp. Clipped to my fridge. Should be ok??
Should be. This species is not like the other CP's, where the seeds would almost immediately find a suitable growing location, or at least within a season or so. Even at room temperature I know I've heard a couple times 5+ year old seeds germinating without issue. In fact, the older the seeds, I've also read the less likely the need there is for scarifying the seeds.
I keep all my seeds in a fridge though, just in case.
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So far no sprouting on mine. Still hoping. :)
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Even with scarification it still takes about 2 weeks or so for anything to happen.
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Ahh ok I'll bag them I have them just in the vermiculite under lights too. I'll bag and forget. Ha ha yes a little impatient.