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drosophyllum lusitanicum???

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone here knows how often to water this plant. A friend of mine gave me two of these plants as gift for me. I have never grown these before and did my own research but also thought I would get advice from someone who grows it. I place the plants in a 12inch terra cotta pot with a mix of equal parts perlite, pumice, washed horticultural sand, course vermiculite, peat, lava rock. I will be growing these outside year around which I've been told they do great in Southern California outside. Any advice would be great!

Much love,

Drew McClain EC
honestly with mine when i grew them, i watered them maybe once every couple of weeks... once a week during the hotter parts of the year, which up north here is only for a couple of weeks....
They really do rather like it on the dry side though. you could do a shallow tray method as seedlings, and allow them to go dry for a week or so in between waterings, just know that you do not want these guys standing in water, and they absolutely do not tolerate root disturbance, so no repotting... only in a handful of cases if that have these plants been repotted without the result of death, hince the preference of a style of potting called slack potting with these guys....
On a good morning, these plants smell of honey.... I miss my Drosophyllum...
Also there are a few good caresheets for these guys online, try a google search :)
How old are your plants ? You can keep the seedlings wet like a sarracenia (pot standing half deep in water) until the 6 leaf stage or so. After that the trays go and you water now and again. For instance I water mine about every 10-15 days but my pots are huge. When in smaller pots I used to water once a week or so, really depends on your climate. When they need water their leaves will slightly wilt, you can watch for that also.

By the way if you have just transplanted, I suggest you plant them again in bigger plastic pots instead of terracotta. That way you can transplant as often as you wish if you are careful. Actually I have a thread here somewhere showing how I do mine.
See below my plants, they are flowering right now. Same age, same seed batch but the big one was always in the big pot (32") and others have just been transplanted from smaller pots. Root space makes all the difference. Happy growing!

I personally have mine standing in water. I know many growers will not agree with this. This is what works for me in my conditions. The tray gets refilled about once a week or so. It used to stand in about 3" of water. I have now moved it lower on my grow area and stands in about 1" of water (shallower tray). I generally let the water disappear before watering again, though that wasn't the case when it was in the deeper tray. My mix is mainly vermiculite and perlite, maybe just a touch of peat and sand. It's growing in a clay pot. I've been growing it this way for over a year without issue.

Good luck!!