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Drosera slackii

My renewed interest in these Drosera is down to corky. Blame him

Drosera slackii a plant I grew for many many years until the winter 2010-11 finished them off. I don't suppose they're not too used to 0F (-18C) in their home in South Africa.


I know that D. slackii is a notoriously finicky species and will regularly refuse to dew up. What have you found to be the optimal growing conditions?
I just do what I always do. Sit it in the Sarracenia lagoon. :-O
Well I've been blamed for worse :)
Some dew to savour nim :-D

The voices made me post it. :-O

How large is that flower compared to other sundews?
Those are some of the nicest D. slackii I have ever seen photos of Fred. And great flowers!
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When something doesn't flower, just freeze it!