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hi i have recently planted some seeds from the following capensis, admirabilis, capillaris and venusta. The conditions of growing are in the medium of peat moss some lfs and some aquarium gravel ( did the vinegar test showed good ) and with lighting i have 2 t8 fixtures with 2 warm and 2 cool bulbs 32 watt a piece, the seeds are located roughly 6-8 inches away from the lights. It has been 1 week and i know that drosera are notorious for being fairly quick to sprout out but i seem to see nothing. the temp is roughly 87 in day and 80 at night humidity roughly 50- 60 percent.. Im just curious if these conditions are enough for the seeds as i am quite new to cps. Should i expect sprouting?
Generally speaking, you should see sprouts in about 3 weeks.
thanks i guess the long wait i need to be reassured that they would.
D. venusta and D. admirabilis take a long to to germinate. 6 weeks at the earliest is average. D. capillaris depending on the location can take about as long as well.