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Drosera seedling ID

So, I received a plug of u. sandersonii a few months ago and recently noticed some stowaway drosera seedlings. (Huzzah for extra plants!) I liberated them from the sandersonii and put them in their own pot. Trouble is, I have no idea what they may be. Any chance someone here can help me out?

Here are two photos I snapped with my phone:

Too soon to tell I think, you'll have to wait a bit more for them to mature and then I think we can identify it. But right now if I had to guess, I'd say it looks like Spathulata or Rotundifolia.
Thanks! I was thinking rotundifolia too.

I guess I'll wait a few months and see what they look like then.
I concur with TOG 100%..
Unfortunately, a lot of Drosera have oblong leaves. The possibilities that I can come up with (from most confident to least confident) are D. rotundifolia, D. spatulata, D. intermedia, D. capensis, D. capillaris, or any other species that I may have forgotten.
Iam thinking dielsiana
My guess would be either spatulata or capensis
Whoops, I forgot Drosera aliciae! Although Drosera dielsiana is also a possibility. It could also be a Fraser Island D. spatulata.
Well, this is exciting! They've been developing pretty quickly and are beginning to look very rosette-y. I'll keep all your recommendations in mind and report back with photos once these little guys grow up.
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Spatulata fraser island always stays flat for me and have skiny petioles look at a thread Just a few do pics thers some dielsiana pics they look very similar thick petioles that look a little raised then flaten out at the leaf blade. Capensis and capillaris and rotundifolia as seedlings have skiny elongated petioles.
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I'm inclined to say that it looks like a D. capensis seedling. Nice cat profile pic!
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Alright... after browsing some picture threads on here and weeding through Google image searches, I'm wondering if these guys are D. dielsiana. The petioles seem a little too wide and flattened to be D. spatulata, but maybe the plants are still too young to tell?


To further complicate things, one of the other seedlings is looking quite different from the others. Capensis?


Thank you all for your help!
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The first seedlings remind me of either something along the lines of spatulata, but more closely D. tokaiensis or the hybrid. The second is definitely capensis.
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I'm going to have to say it's D. rodundifola, D. spatulata, or tokaiensis. Here's a pot full of dielsiana seedlings for comparison I think the petioles are shorter and there's much less spooning.


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Now that they have sized up i would say tokaiensis
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And the second one is capensis
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Apologies for resurrecting this old thread, but the mystery drosera is all grown up!

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I'd say it looks a lot like D. venusta now, or a relative. It certainly has the look of a South African species, what with the hairy petioles and the tentacles covering most of the leaf.