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Drosera rotundifolia floating in a lake

While at my godmother's cabin 7-4-12 I came across this log while kayaking. This is near Rhinelander, WI.



I went to investigate and found a small colony of Drosera rotundifolia.







The portion of the log above the water was maybe 8" wide, 30" long, and 8" high above the water. I'd estimate there were around 25 individual plants. Most were flowering.

I was pretty excited to find these plants! For the last 4 years I've spent the 4th of July week at the cottage. I always keep my eyes peeled for cool plants while going about my activities. When showed the pictures to my family, and brought some out to look at the plants, they weren't nearly as bursting with emotion as me :blush:. I laughed when my godmother said "I thought those were things you could only buy at a garden center."

The lake is also filled with some floating Ultricularia. Which also didn't interest anyone but me...
That's wicked cool! Thanks for sharing. I know that I appeared like a down-right crazy person when I found sundews growing in a bog just a ten minute walk from my house!!
Of all the places..
i wish there were CPs closer to me in the wild! i gotta drive bout 30 minutes to the best spot i know of

that log is too cool! :D
Wow how cool! Basically sums up Darwin ;).
Great in situe!
Nice! I have seen intermedia on floating logs, but never rotundifolia. I am tempted to try recreating this in a bathtub with tropical species, but I lack the room...