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Drosera minibogs video


I took a video of my two Drosera minibogs. I think they look pretty good considering I didn't plan where I was placing the dews and that they were attacked by the squirrels twice.

Sorry about the lens and the crappy focusing. :p

Very nice!
Thank you, sir!
Looks good! :)

just a suggestion, for future reference..
clear pots generally arent so great, because algae builds up on the *inside* of the pot..
probably doesnt do much harm, and you dont need to run out and change the pots right now..
but when the time comes to re-pot, consider opaque pots instead..

Nice looking plants!
That was fun to watch! You've done a nice job putting the captions in, too. Thanks for posting this, Devon.
Excellent plants! Good job!
Thank you everyone!

@Scot: Thanks! I have an idea for what I'm going to do next year. It will look much nicer.
Fantastic job, the sundews seem to be enjoying it! Never seen a red D. binata before, that's really cool.