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Drosera menziesii ssp.menziesii seeds

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Up for auction is a pack of D.menziesii ssp. menziesii "erect red plants to 20cm tall, flowers bright pink-Rocky Creek, WA" seeds. Around 15-20 small seeds in the pack. These seeds came from Lowrie. I originally ordered a packet of this seed in the winter and without realizing, I ordered another packet of the same seed in the spring. The first packet of seeds had 50% germination, so I am offering the second packet of seed. These seeds can be difficult to germinate. The summer heat should help.

Bidding starts at $2. Shipping will be $1 anywhere.

Thank you,
Though the auction is over, as no one has bid for these I'd like to bid $10°° for them.
I is smart! eeyep! I looked at The wrong month on my calender. I had it flipped to March! Welp! "I don't take back my word. That's my way of the ninja!" (Naruto)
Seeds have been recieved.
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