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Drosera ID

Hello! I would appreciate getting an ID for these two Drosera I have. I know the second one is tropical.


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Pictures are a bit small, but I think I could hazard a guess to say the first is D. tokaiensis (or x tokaiensis, depending on if it flowers and they're sterile or not). The second may be a spatulata variety, or maybe venusta. I'd need bigger photos o tell.
I'm gonna say... First is a capillaris, probably x intermedia hybrid. Second could be a spatulata tamlin.
Ok I made the pictures larger. I'm not sure why they were smaller before, especially since they looked fine when I looked at them on my own computer. Thanks for the input! I'm not sure if the first one needs a dormancy or not.
Capillaris has a different leaf structure than the plant that was shown, and I have spat Tamlin... not the same.... and by the way, I can't see any pictures at all now, not sure what happened....
Rather than make a new thread, I thought I'd just add another Drosera which I'm not sure about. Is D. capensis 'alba' the only all-white Drosera? If it is, then this is probably that but since it's still young I'm not sure about the leaf structure.

The growth pattern is a match for capensis, but to tell if it's alba I'd need to know how much light it's getting. Full sun? If there's not enough light any cape might look alba-ish.
Yeah, it's getting full sun for most of the day in a south-facing window. I haven't seen any red pigment at all since I got it two months ago.
Then it's probably alba. And now that the pictures up top are big enough for me to see closer detail, I'm going to say the first is definitely D. tokaiensis or a capillaris form, and the second is D. venusta, it's too hairy to be anything else with that shape.
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Thank you! It's weird that you're able to see the first pictures now, since I didn't change anything after you said you couldn't see them anymore.