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Drosera glanduligera

It's sort of mixed feelings with this. Seed took 2 years to germinate, and the germination was sparse. It took a lot of convincing myself before I could believe it really was D. glanduligera. A friend in Australia mentioned that his friend had them growing in his backyard, but could not get the seed to germinate out of habitat!

I noticed flower scapes are up on all my plants. This plant is an annual and departs soon after setting seed. The next seed I sow will be exposed to a seasons worth of rain. I think the rain will leach out the inhibitory enzymes in the seed coat and will result in a more rapid germination.

So, although I feel a sense of accomplishment at the incipient flowering of my plants, it won't be long before they are photographs and memories.

Photos will follow when the event unfolds.
Are there frequent brushfires or something like that in it's natural range?

I have heard that D. burmannii can be prolonged after removing the stalks up to 3 yrs. Maybe the D. glanduligera's lifespan could be extended this way. Try it on a few plants to see if it works.
I have been told by growers in OZ that holding it over is impossible, but I will give it a try.

This plant is part of the fire brush ecology, which probably accounts for its stubborness in regards to germination.