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Drosera glanduligera . . .


"I"ve-'Made' MOST Of THIS-Season's GLID-Photography Available GRATIS NERDWORLD / WORLDWIDE ... So-'Hopefully' ZIGGI Will-Come to-His Senses &-Release The-FULL 40-Minute BLU-Ray as-Was 'Originally'-Intended.>(*~*)<

YES ... We-'Had'-R-Falling-OUT: ...

My-Cat DIED / 'Tried' Prescribed-Medication ONLY-to-Discover to My-Chagrin From TWO-of-Our Local Pharmacists HERE ... THART My 'Doctor' ("I"-'Use'-The-Term Loosely >(*~*)< "First' ... Do-NO-Harm") Had Prescribe The-Cheap 'Generic' Medication With ALL-The-Side-Effects (My-MUM 'Still' Wants-Me to-Apologise For Shouting-Down-The-Phone-@-Her For Nearly 2-Hours @-The-END of The 'First'-Week On HALF-Tabs ... Mum It-Was Mind-'Altering' Medication / Wasn't The-'Real'-Me ... Move-ON / Get-OVER-It!!! >(*~*)<)

"I"-'Suggested' To-ZIGGI "I"-'Thought' "I"-'Had' The-Potential to-Become R 'Loose'-CANNON So "I"-'Tought' His-BEST-Course of Action Would-be to-'Just' STICK-to-The-PLAN &-SEE-Me ON-The-Other-Side so-to-Speak &-Everything Would-Be-'Fine'.

AFTER 3-Months ON-The-Medication "I"-Rounded The-Door of The-'Doctors'-Office ONLY to-Be Greeted-with:"Oh They-Haven't-'Worked" ... "I"-'Could-Have 'Told'-You-THART After the-'First'-Month 'When' The Digital-COLON On The-Clock Started Blicking @-Different-Rates From Each-Eye (Hemispheres Running-@ Different-Rates) &-"I"-'Could' NO-Longer Assert Any Rhyme-&-Reason to-The-Dyslexic-Jibberish THART-Was 'Appearing' ON-The-Computer-Screen When "I"-"Was Trying to-Type Something Meaningful so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< ... So-Basically You-'Had'-Me ON-These For-an Extra 2-months For-NO-'Good'-Reason Methinkst!!!??? >(*~*)<

Anyway Suffice-to-Say "I"-'Ended'-UP Calling-Him R-WANKER To-His-FACE ... The-Story-of-Which Has-NO-Doubt Done-the-Rounds of Adelaide Psychiatry-Circles R-Number-of-Time by-Now Methinkst so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

The-'Medication' Even-Appeared to-Mess-with My Immune-System (Cough-UP R-Whole Load-of-JUNK) After 6-Weeks ON-The-'Drug' "I"-"Would' Occassionally Feel-like "I"-'Had' STEEL-Wool For Hemispheres My-Temples &-Jaw Would-Ache & "I'-Would' Have @-Least One Sometimes TWO Jaw-Clicks Per-Day

Nearly 4-Months-OFF The-Medication "I"ve 'Just' Come-Through Another 2-Week-Bout of Jaw-Clicking & Headaches
... so The-Personal Testimonials ON-Line Attesting-to The-'Lingering' POST-Medicational After-Effects R-Definitely Believable.

But Upon-THIS Has-Been Imposed R Twitching LEFT-Eye Socket ... Something "I"-didn't-have Before "I" Started The-Course of 'Treatment' Which Definitely Brings-to-Mind The Dropped-Song From The-BEATLES' Sargeant-Peppers Album:"Lily-The-PINK" so-to-Speak!!! >(*~*)<

Anyway Enough of My-SORROW:

[2012] Is-Probably R Wipe-OFF Year For-Me &-Am Looking-Forward to-Getting-INTO-[2013] As-Rapidly as-IS Humanly or Hoovianly-Possible So-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

"I"-'Just' Wish They'd Stop Friggin'-About &-Crank-The-Temperature-UP to 45-to-53oC &-Really-SEE What Our MOST-'Common' Southern-Australian Trebuchet-SUNDEW with-BLITZSCHNELL Ribbon-Tentacles Can Really-'Do' Methinkst so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

IE Can-it Brouch / Breach The-so-called 1970s LIMIT of Human-Perception IE 1/100th-of-R-Second or IN-Today's-Terminology:"10-Miliseconds" so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< Ha-Har
Do you guys remember the DVD that was given away a number of years ago at a BACPS meeting? someone made a boatload, and was giving multiples to everyone. It was called "Snap Tentacles" with a really goofy computer generated snAp tentAcles voice-over. I think Dad has my copy.
Thanks-NRN ...

The-'Reason' "I"-Published-IN:"Flytrap-News" Is-Because The-ACPS Wanted To-Changed My Original-Wording / My-Original-Claim:"Faster-Than-The-Eye-Can-SEE" To-'Just' VERY-Fast Afteral IN-Hindsight Who's-Article Was-It / Is-It so-to-Speak Anyway.

The-Original-Claim Spreading-OUT From My-Primary-School ON-Purley-Crescent, LYNWOOD, Perth Was 'Good'-enough to-Get TWO-Scientists To-'Just' Rock-UP ON-My-Parents' Doorstep The Following-Year Totally UNANNOUNCED ... so-'Why' CHANGE-It!!!??? >(*~*)<

Talking-On-The-Phone To-Dennis-DALY IN-[1995] During One-Of My Lunchtime-Breaks @ The Port-Employment-Project "I"-Casually-Mentioned The-Incident to-The-Now LATE Dennis-DALY (December-1999) &-He Said Straight-OUT &-"I"-Quote:"****-'em ... "I"ll-Print-It VERBATIM" >(*~*)<

After Much Soul-Searching ... "I"-Emplored'-Dennis THART it-Would-Be Wiser Considering Copyright THART The ACPS May Get-R-Little 'Tetchy' If-He-printed-It-VERBATIM ... Having Offered The-Original 1980s FEN-Article to-THEM as-R Follow-UP to The-Release of The Gordon-CHEERS-II Book Of-Which "I"-Added ~11% of The Photography-To GRATIS &-@ Short-Notice FOUR-Days (Late SUNDAY-Night Rushed 'Desperate' Phone-Call To THURSDAY-Afternoon Print-Run!!! >(*~*)<)

&-So "I"-Added One-Paragraph UP-The-'Top' &-One-Sentence Down-The-'Bottom' of-The-knowledge "I"-Had Gain IN-The-Intervening-Years from The LATE-80s to-The 'Then' Mid-90s ... But IN-Doing-so &-with The LIMIT-of-Space Failed to-Mention THART The 'Flicking'-of-Ants Comment Was IN-Reference TRINERVIA ... R Mid-Log-Species ... Which IN-R-Way Is 'More'-Exciting Than GLANDULIGERA Because It-Moves @ 'Just'-The-Right-Speed to-be Totally Watchable & Awesomely-Amazing IE GLANDULIGERA is-'Just' TOO-Fast so-to-Speak ... &-'Still' FULLY-'Expect' My-Original-Claim to-Be Proven If-One-of-Our AUSTRALIAN-Univeristies [WAIT-Institute?] Has The-Gaul to Crank-UP The Ambient-Temperatiure of Experimentation (UP) to Somewhere Between 45-&-53oC so-to-Speak ... Since Reaction-Rate Doubles With Every 10oC Rise IN-Temprature &-Afteral We-R Dealing With Enzymic-Reactions Within-R-Biological-System THART-Has Evolved-HERE Over Millions of Year &-Which Often-Grows On 'Dark' Presumeably 'Hot' SOIL Towards The-'End'-of-Its Season Annually so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

So If-&-'When' It's-Speed Impinges-ON 10-Milliseconds (1/100th-of-R-Second) or The 1970s LIMIT of Human-Perception as-Was Listed IN the WHITE-Volumes of Enclycopaedia-Britannica @-LYNWOOD-Primary "I"-'Expect' ALL-of-You to-Realise What an Achievment it-Was to-'Notice' Something THART:"I"-Didn't Actually-SEE &-THART The-Observational Part of The Scientific-Method Actually Is-Due to Have it's Nuts-&-Bolts Tightened-UP IN-This-Area 'Considering' so-to-Speak!!! >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

But Then-Again "I"-'Had'-Been to Phil-MANN's Collection TWO-Weeks 'Before' so "I"-Was Fired-UP &-'Ready' For-Practically Anything ... &-Afteral:"CHANCE-'Favours' The-'Prepared'-MIND"!!!

UNFORTUNTELY It-Was 'Just' The-'First' NEW-Sundew "I"-'Hadn't-Seen Before As-"I'-'Ran'-From The-Car Towards The-SWAMP ... "I"-Didn't-'Know' It-Was Also Southern-Australia's MOST-Common!!!??? >(*~*)<

After Those TWO-Scientists Visited &-Towards The-END-of-The-Season "I"-'Found' 3-Plants (GLANDULIGERA) For-The 'First'-Time ON-The-Triangular Piece-of-Land Over-The-Back of My Parents-Place. ON-The-'First' SUNDAy or [1976] There-Was R-Bushfire ON-This Triangular Piece-of-Land.

During The-Season of [1976] Following The Bushfire IN-'Early'-JANUARY 'Not'-One Single-SUNDEW Grew ... Nothing / Nix / NADA / ZICH ...

HOWEVER IN-[19977] The-LAST-Season "I"-was IN-WA ... There-Were Areas So-dense With SUNDEWS You Literally &-Physicall couldn-'Not' Step-OVER-Them but-'Had' to-Walk-Around ... &-The-GALNDULIGERA-Count By-Estimation Was IN-The Houndreds-of-Thousands ... There-'Had' Obviously been R SEED-BANK-There Waiting to-be UNLOCKED ...

But The-Australian-Bush 'Also' Taught-Me THART SMOKE-WATER Does 'More'-Than 'Just' GERMINATE-Seeds so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)<

So 'When' Someone-Says to-Me ... Does-R-LEOPARD Ever Change-it's-Spots "I"-Often-Say It's Soo-TRUE ... "I"-'Know'-It For-R-Fact ... &-If-"I'-'Told'-You Who 'One'-of-Those TWO-Scientists 'Was'/ IS ... You'd Get-R-SHOCK!!! >(*U^)< Ha-Har ... THREE-Strikes &-Your-OUT ... FOUR-Balls &-"I"-'Walk'!!! >(*U^)<