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Drosera filiformis


I am growing Drosera filiformis ssp tracyi for 2 years, and had variations of it in my hands by the past few years (x hybrida, ssp filiformis, ssp tracyi).

I am experiencing the same problem over and over, the leaves don't seem to develop fully, sometimes they dry up (humidity problem, I know), but sometimes the growth just stunt, and it is not when dormancy is approaching. The base of the plants are prone to rot easily too, which can be a bad substrate choice (I used 2/3 peat with 1/3 sand before, pure sphagnum now). Any help would be appreciated about substrate or on how to 'completly' grow these plants...
I have had this problem before, with the stunting of the tips, whioch blackens. I just keep mine, along with some other Drosera, i a large tub of water outdoors. It gets tons of humidity from the evaporating water. As for the deformed/short leaves, i believe light is the probelm. Whhen my plants were indoors, they would occasional put up short or blunted leaves. Once outdoors with tons of light, they soon started forming better leaves.
Where do you live? I am having great success with my D. fillformis ssp fillformis outside. It get at leat 4 or 5 hours or direct sun, and a few more of very bright light (sun filtering through some tree branches). The pot is in a tray of water. I re-fill the tray when it goes dry.
I live in southern NY state, and humidity durring the growing season fluxuates. It usually doesn't drop below 45 or 50%, though, at least not so far this year.

I've been having the same problem as you for some months now. I keep mine in a tub of water and it gets at least five hours of direct light, yet the leaves still look a little wavy and come up short. Wish I could help us both. It hasn't been just one variety though?
Schloaty:I live in Quebec, and just moved in Rimouski, in the eastern Quebec, near the St-Lawrence river. Humidty is high, and weather is fresh in summer, pretty cold in winter
. They grew in a solarium this summer, where they get south-western sun, but aphids got in and messed with the plants, so I don't know if the location was laright this time (I was away for 3 months, and see that 'surprise' when I came back). Now they are under 4 4" fluorecents in my basement.

Vertigo: I had the same problem with ssp filifomis before, and lost it when it was into hibernacula.
Aphids? they tried to get my fillaformis, but wound up as food for it, instead of the other way around...I guess they just landed on the wrong part!

These guys seem to really like sun. Mine gets about 4 or 5 hours of direct, and another 4 or so of filtered sun. It also eats like a pig. Try giving yours a snack and see if there's any improovement.