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Drosera Dielsiana Seedlings

Just wanted to share some pics of my drosera seedlings that I had started August 1st. They are growing in a small pot under a grow light.

Here they are not to long after germination:


And now:


Sorry about the picture quality on the second one I used an HDR setting.
Dang, that's awesome! You're going to have a dielsiana forest before you know it :D
Nice! I sowed some dielsiana seed 2-3 weeks ago. Still havent seen any signs of germination. I hope mine look like yours sometime soon ;)
Thank you, this was my second attempt at starting drosera seeds. Thought I had messed up on this batch as well when two weeks went by and nothing happened but was happy to see my little buggars sprout.
Droseras can be a tricky bunch. I had a lot of D. indica seeds in a soil-filled mini terrarium that I had given up on after about 6 weeks of nothing. Two days ago, the pot exploded.
Good luck with the dielsiana, and hope it's the real thing instead of the natalensis imposter that has been floating aorund.
Yeah was meaning to say about the impostor that I had seen on the web but I guess I will have to see when they mature....
Well here is an update on the seedlings:


They are in my small 10 gallon Cephalotus terrarium and have been for the last month or two.....