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Drosera capensis leaf-cuttings . . .

About a week ago, I got my first Drosera capensis, one 'typical' and one 'albino'!

I've planted them up and they are sending out new dewy leaves that I've been feeding. However, the old leaves do not produce any dew, it seem to have rubbed off during shipping. I am guessing that the dew won't come back. And with that in mind . . .

I was thinking about cutting off the dewless leaves and propagating them as leaf-cuttings. In doing so, should I remove them slowly (maybe one a day) or can I remove all the dewless leaves in one go with out shocking the plant. Or, should I just leave them on the plant for now?

If cutting the leaves off is a "GO", I plant to try the water-floating method. Any tips?
The water floating method has worked well for me. But usually you'll get the best results with newer more vigorously growing leaves. It's wort a try but you might not get any strikes. Also, as long as the plant has enough leaf surface to photosynthesize, I'd assume you can cut off a good amount, although perhaps some more experienced drosera growers could give their two cents before you do anything that might harm the plant. I'd hate to be held responsible :blush: In my experience though capensis is VERY hard to kill.