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Drosera and orchids just outside of Adelaide

i started my exploration of Oz with Troy offering to take me out to see some tuberous Drosera he knew about.....unfortunately while i came at a bad time for reptiles(winter down here) was the perfect time for tuberous Drosera....according to Troys field guide of plants of the area, the climbing one should be D. macrantha and the rossette should be D. whittakeri though some of the non flowering ones may be D. glanduligera....havent figured out the orchids yet....kinda sucks going from knowing most the plants and critters to knowing only a handful....


ahhthe big one is Pterostylis sanguinea and the lil one with a single leaf is either Cyrtostylis robusta or subulata

edit: the bold is wrong, read the key wrong, its likely Corybas diemenicus
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lol see swords got the correct ID befor me sitting with a key to Adelaide plants in my lap
The orchid IDs are correct.

Pity you're not over here in Victoria as I could have shown you some nice reptiles as well as CPs.
will be over there in a few weeks and hang out and do some hunting for sambar deer and exploring the national part outside Warburton while John is at work during the week....after a few weeks there im headed up to do some hunting with a guy that lives in Brisbane though my understanding is we will be hunting a fair ways from there....
You won't see D. glanduligera for another few months, and if you do they'll be itty bitty - 5 mm diameter kind of itty bitty.
You will also see D. peltata at this time of year - it's more robust and has traps alternate instead of in threes.
thanks for the additional info...good to know....heading back out into the bush this weekend but on the lookout for other stuff mainly