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Drew’s Growlist

3) D .adelae
1) Unknown seeds growing - no longer seeds :D very first cp seeds i have ever grown
1) D. intramedia seeds
1) hybrid
1) D.capensis

1)S. psittacina - seeds-
2) S. purpurea ssp. Venosa
1) N. tentaculata
3) clipping whose name escapes me :D
2) unknown death cubes neps
1)S albamensis -seeds-
1)S. oreophila -seeds-
1)S. leucophylla -seeds
1) S. rubra -seeds-
1)Darlingtonia californica, plant and seeds


2) D. Muscipula
10) growing seeds

1)U. amethystina
1)U. graminifolia

1) Mexican ping

i know quite small still a noob :) - now not so much of a noob but still a noob :) - ooo now im just a noob- hmmm not sure what i am now stil a noob though :)