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Dragoness' Photo Thread


For the love of Science!
Figured it's time to get an official photo thread going, especially since I got a new camera.

D. adelae from JCal, showing signs of life. I'm sure it was in better shape before I got it. I didn't know there was a 3rd plant in that box, and it sat there for an extra 3 days before I figured it out. :blush:
9.3.14 010.jpg
Not only is it unfurling new leaf, but has a new plant coming up from an exposed root, too. Hardly more than a bud right now.
9.3.14 008.jpg
The D. binata is much happier (then again, it got unpacked right away)
9.3.14 023.jpg
9.3.14 025.jpg
The D. venusta is perking up, too.
9.3.14 013.jpg
Byblis liniflora sprout, (from seed via Jimscott), eating like a pig. I'm rapidly developing more enjoyment from sticky CPs such as dew, byblis, etc.
9.3.14 032.jpg
General indoor grow rack setup.
9.3.14 015.jpg
I have taken to writing on the backs of each label, who the plant or seed was given to me from.
Collection is growing, thanks to the more than generous members of TF here.

New Nepenthes this last week or two:

Nepenthes rafflesiana seedlings
9.5.14 145.jpg

Young N. ventricosa
9.5.14 142.jpg

Nepenthes Truncata and N. maxima
9.5.14 119.jpg
Slight update (and testing out Flickr - haven't used it before)

Having difficulties.
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I really like that little Ventricosa! Its one pitcher is adorable :)
D. adelae is perplexing. They could be going along just fine and for no apparent reason, they die.
Recently moved the whole rack that the D. adelae is on due to renovations. It wasn't happy with that either, but it is showing signs of recovery, and yet more plantlets.
D. adelae is perplexing. They could be going along just fine and for no apparent reason, they die.

I second that. I have one that seemed to be dying for at least the last year and now it is growing like everything is the best it could be - all in the same pot and the same terra.

This is looking like a nice collection.
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My pot of adelae has a tendency to do the wave from one end of the pot to the other, dying for no reason and then coming right back.....
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Looking good Jen. You are correct, that is Utricularia sandersonii.
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Isn't that the really weedy invasive one?

That's good, because it may actually stay alive for me if that's the case.
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Prolific but, not really too weedy. Doesn't self and fling seed around like U.bisquamata or U.subulata.
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however in the background there appears to be either U. bisqumata or U. subulata. what the ones that make flower buds that never open. Can pull the flower stalks of the U. sandersonii and start a clean cultures...
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I didn't even notice those little cleistogamous flowers back there ! Good eye Mach !
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Nice sandersonii! I can't seem to grow mine well enough for it to flower.