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Does anyone coffee cephs?

There seems to be lots of posts about using coffee as a fertiliser for Nepenthes, but not many on Cephalotus... anyone tried it and what was the results?
I haven't tried it but It seems like they would benefit from the added nutrients. I haven't used coffee in a long time, mostly because I don't drink it. Otherwise I would give it a go.
i have fertilized cephs with an orchid fert and thought it had positive effects,definitely no ill effects so i think it would work
The plus side of coffee is that it's organic. The problem is that it isn't natural, i.e. wild Cephalotus aren't being doused with coffee. Then again, most of our homes are different from Australia, unless we live there or like to pretend that we do. ;)
I suspect that most Nepenthes don't see coffee naturally either, but some growers on here believe it has a positive effect ;)

I have used orchid fertiliser and hydroponic nutrient solution on Cephalotus for years, with no observed detrimental effect. Some growers on here appear to believe that there is an added benefit to using coffee instead of fertiliser on Nepenthes, so was wondering if the effect was the same on Cephalotus.
Coffee is quite acidic, and I'm not sure what the in situ soil pH is likely to be for Cephalotus, given the near-constant trickle of water through the root zone. Anyone know for certain?
I've tried to gather information about the soil makeup around these plants. The Australian growers I've talked to wouldn't budge.

I've only been able to dig up a scientific study of the nitrogen content.
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