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Do your interests shift back and forth between certain genera?

Sometimes i find myself really into Pinguicula then it shifts to Utricularia and then back to Pinguicula! I also have an interest in genlisea which interesting enough I found out all of these genera are from the same family Lentibulariaceae without realizing it.

What genera do you find yourself shifting between, regarding favorites and why?
I find myself going back and forth between Utricularia and Drosera. Utricularia gibba was what got me back into the hobby a few months ago, and after that I just started collecting more aquatic species and moved on to terrestrial species as well. Then I found out about tuberous sundews again and then a few months ago I got a species from a BACPS meeting and I guess that was what got me into Drosera again (stem-forming Drosera to be exact). At the same time, I also got Utricularia humboldtii so it wasn't like I was only into Drosera. Then a month ago I acquired some Utricularia calycifida, and some Utricularia gibba "accidentally." Last week I got Drosera regia, and I'm looking into whether or not I can get Drosera cistiflora next month.

I guess it's not really that my interests shift as much as it is I'm interested in both genera at the same time, and if I have a chance to get a new plant I will take it.
My interest in Sarracenia and Dionaea wax and wane somewhat seasonally. That's due to the fact that I don't even see my plants from November to April though. Right about this time of year my interest in them piques again.
Mine is somewhat seasonal as well. As soon as spring hits I am into North America plants. Sarrs, flytraps and drosera. My indoor collection is somewhat neglected, and I focus on collecting and refining my outdoor collection. Swaps in winter.

One think I can't make my mind up with are nepenthes. I buy them, trade the off, then want more again! I usually get rid of them because they outgrow my space quickly, but low and behold, I have a shipment I am expecting soon.
My favorite goes back and forth between Sarracenia and Dionaea. I only have a few Drosera and I really like the ones I do have. Needless to say all my plants are outdoors and I am really excited about spring.
I haven't been into CPs for too long but already I've shifted from Drosera to Sarracenia and then to Pings. Nepenthes have always been nagging at me but I don't really have a great ability to setup a grow space for them right now. I expect that I'll be shifting back to Sarracenia now that the weather is starting to warm again.
I focus a lot on utrics as they do well for me. I love Neps, but they don't like my climate so much. For about a half of the year. This year was even in the deep south colder than most, and I lost several. Even while stowed in the garage and sometimes with a heater. Also those in the house were unhappy and did poorly. Japanese Aldrovanda does well, and has for several years. Still seeking the elusive red varieties. One local fellow gave me a big bunch of pings, two helis, and some cephs. The helis are goners, but most of the pings and cephs are still here. Some utrics inside and some outside, the aquatics do best in overwintering. Some things you have to save a piece or two inside to start over next year. My interests wax and wane often increasing when something is flowering, waking up, or growing fast like in the spring. Another local fellow gave me a big batch of Sarrs last year, they are waking up and three or more are fixing to flower. Some need repotting and that I should do soon. So focusing on them for awhile as well. Also starting some new seeds, including belladonna and some of the banes. So all over the map, really. As it warms up, I like to search for aquatic plants I know won't make it thru the winter, but are enjoyable for the summertime like water lettuce. I am wanting to experiment with some thing usually indoors outside in the summer. Genlisea for example, once it warms up enough.
I bounce back and forth between Sarracenia and mounted orchids. I am currently on a pitcher plant swing now, though.

I agree with Jcal about Neps. I often think about just being rid of them all, and then find myself looking for more. Sarrs are just so much less maintenance for me.

Last year I obtained a few Darlingtonia. A year later and with a 50% success rate, I am determined to figure out their culture. That said, they are my current addiction, and I have new, larger plants from Jerry to help continue my trials.

Also, the Aldro I have from Paul grows like a weed for me, and I am very glad he got me hooked on it. Thanks again, buddy!
Nepenthes are always my first choice, but under that, I often wander between Sarracenia, Drosera, and occasionally obsess for a while on other genera too.
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I go far and beyond just CPs, I am also an avid cactus and succulent collector and probably have over 500 specimens. Which over numbers my carnivores by a few hundred. I have also been planting a lot of bulb plants since the weather began to warm up in februrary. These will be mostly sold/traded off at local flea markets as part of my "new car and college fund" and as a way to excape my current horrible job while attempting to go to school. I expect I will end up keeping some for natural patches to replenish the following years.
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