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Do these seeds look viable?


My Drosera venusta had a nice big flower stalk, and these are the seeds.
Do you think they will grow? Do I need to germinate under lights, or can I have them start outside in the sun?
Only one way to find out.
Sow some here, some there.. and find out what works best.
Those plump seeds look very viable there Astroidea.

Make up a 50:50 mix of peat/coarse sand or peat/perlite.

Place the seeds on top of your slightly damp mix, mist the seeds, and place the pot in either a propagation dome or a ziplock bag.

And if you have a heat source such as a heat mat or an overhead flourescent light, those seeds will be sprouting for you very soon!

Once they start to sprout, give them a bit more fresh air slowly each day until they harden off to your growing conditions.

Good luck with them!