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Dividing D. aliciae

Anyone have advice on dividing this thing? Since it flowered this summer, my alice sundew has divided 3 times, making 4 total sundews stuck together. I just don't know where to begin. I have only separated pings, sarrs, and VFTs.

Here are a couple pictures:

Prepare a pot. Take a spoon and scoop out the plants, making sure you get below their roots, if possible.
I have performed several transplants. I just don't know how to go about separating the divisions. Will they just come apart? It looks like some of the divisions are above the rhizome.
You should be able to split them gently with a toothpick. Be sure they have their own roots system, otherwise, wait a little longer before splitting them. My aliciae roots are usually a mess and it is hard to to find which roots go with which plants but usually, in the end, all the plants strike back.
Just unearth them as Jimscott says with the aid of a spoon or a table/butter knife. Then gently pull apart the various growth points. If they are still fused to the point that you can't separate them leave them be. D. aliciae doesn't mind dense clumps. If you tear off the roots float the rosette in some water - it will usually root. Take any loose roots and root fragments and either pot them up or put them in water or in live Sphagnum. They'll product offshoots. Laying the roots horizontal or parallel with the ground seems to stimulate offshoot growth.