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Divaskid's Plants

I just got an extension tube for my SLR camera which makes it possible for me to take pictures similar to macro pictures, so I thought I'd share a few :-D


P. 1717


P. gypsicola x kohres


P. gypsicola leaf cuttings


P. aphrodite


P. primulaflora flower


N. rafflesiana


N. Regan


D. capensis


So tiny!
very nice pic's , can you take a pic of the tube your talking about, (whats this)
love the gypsicola x kohres, got to fine me one of these beauties :-O
Awesome pictures! I love the coloring on the first Ping :-O
The colouration of ping is so cool!
Thanks guys! I've been very fortunate to have a bunch of these guys given as gifts from awesome folks on here :D

upwhi: Here's what the extension tube is I'm still kinda figuring out the way it works, but so far I think its well worth every penny! I'm going to try and take some more pictures today and see if I can get some better ones ;)
I went out to check on my little babies today and they were sooo dewy I had to take a few more pictures :)


P. gypsicola


P. gypsicola x kohres - I didn't know they rolled their leaves like this!


P. aprhodite


D. indica


D. binata "multifida extrema"
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Two of my newest pitchers to open up....

N. Regan

N. 'Miranda'
And some more from today....

Another shot of N. Regan opening up

P. gigantea

D. indica..... hungry little guys!

Byblis liniflora seedling. Does anyone know how long these take to start growing? This one has looked exactly the same for a month now.
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I really like your N. 'Miranda'. Big, colorful and shapely is hard to beat. As for the Byblis they usually take right off. Maybe something in your conditions isn't quite right. Is there lots of light?
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Thanks :)

Nope, they're actually isn't a lot of light on the byblis seeds right now. They're outside on the north facing side of the house. So no direct light except for maybe an hour at the end of the day. I take it I should move them?
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That's my suggestion. I grow them in with my sundews, which means as much light as I can manage though I use artificial. With sunlight I'd guess something like 4 or 5 hours a day of direct light would be good. You will probably want to shade the seedling some at first so it can adapt to the brighter conditions.
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Cool Thanks! I will slowly get it to brighter conditions and see if this helps the situation any.
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Great plants and photography!
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The latest on the butterworts, I added some sand to make them look a little more presentable.

P. 1717

I also wanted to show how small they are so I took a picture of the P. 1717 next to a dime.

These next two guys are camera shy. For some reason I can never get a good clear picture of them. But I wanted to show them anyway so I can see the growth over time.

P.John Rizzi

P. gracilis x moctezumae

Now for some sundews....
D. binata 'multifida extrema' uncurling

D. binata 'multifida extrema'

D. capensis 'alba'
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the bug on the P. gigantea looks like a very tiny hummingbird , (mosquito ??) i guess
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Yup! Its a mosquito! The D. binata is covered in them, so much so it makes the plant look almost dead and black. Not sure when these mosquitoes come around though, I never get bitten by any.....
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Very nice Pings! I really like the gypsicolas.
That's not a mosquito the body shape is wrong. I'm in an entomology class, it's either in the order Diptera or the order Hymenoptera, but my money is on Diptera. That order does include mosquitos but i highly doubt that is what that is. It is probably some sort of fly.
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HUmmingbird lol
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Weekend update:
This P. gypsicola is so much more rosey than the others, love it!

This guy is looking a little more chipper today. Must like the cooler temps over the past week...

Baby P. primulaflora

My first attempt at pygmys, this is some gemmae sprouting (this is day three after sowing! I'm amazed at how fast they germinate. I thought they'd take longer)

This is Nyla, she's guarding the Nepenthes green house in the backyard ;) Don't let her fool you though, she'll just as easily bite of a pitcher while youre not looking.