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disaster averted or how my newborn garanddaughter saved my car

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For two months my husband and I had been planning on attending the annual Blackbeard Festival in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We had reservations at the "headquarters" hotel, kennel arrangments for the dog arranged, cat and plant sitter arranged, and I had a new custom made skirt for my outfit for the Pirate Ball. Everything was set, on Thursday night we packed, on Friday I was going to work half a day, then off to the festival we would go, in my shiny new 2013 sonata that I had just bought only two weeks ago.

Well, my daughter was pregnant with our soon to be second grandchild. At 6:13 in the morning on June 1'st my son-in-law phoned to tell us that Jaime was in labor. We cancelled our plans, thankfully the hotel and the kennel very nicely forgave our cancelling late and did not charge us, and headed to the hospital. At 12:09PM little Molly Elizabeth joined our family.

At approximately 8:00PM that night a tornado swept through Hampton Roads area laying waste to the Blackbeard Festival. It came an hour after the piraste ball had begun. Those inside the hotel were unharmed but I shiver to imagine what may have happened to my shiny new car.
what is that saying? everything happens for a reason :)

Glad your shiny car is still shiny! and again, congrats on the new grandchild :beer:
Wow close call! Good to hear a car like that was unharmed ;).
And forever Molly Elizabeth shall hear the story of the time she saved grandma's car.