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Dendrobium loddigesi Orchid For Trade


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I have an extra D. loddigesi that I divided off of my main plant a couple of months ago. It was a nice sized keiki and has done very well since separation. It's currently in a 4" pot. Not sure what I'm looking for in trade, any offer will be considered. Thanks for looking!


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I have been dabbling in orchids for the last couple years, with mixed luck. What conditions are you providing for these guys?
Might be interested. I've got a Tillandsia duratii pup.
I have been dabbling in orchids for the last couple years, with mixed luck. What conditions are you providing for these guys?

I have it growing in a couple of places. The mother plant is mounted indoors under moderately bright LED lighting, another keiki is growing potted outside in partial sun, and the one I'm offering is growing outdoors in bright shade with just a bit of early morning sun. I water the mounted plant daily, and the potted plants when the media starts to get a bit dry. The plant does require a warm dry rest in the winter in order to bloom.
Things I have available, or could take cuttings from currently:

Tillandsia xerographica (small)
Vanilla orchid (Cutting)
Stapelia gigantea (Cutting)
Hoya Carnosa 'compacta' (Cutting)
African Spear Plant (Division) I suspect it is Sanseveria cylindrica, but have no official ID on it.

I also have a few varieties of Epiphyllums and Orchid Cacti currently being treated for thrips. I would not want to ship those out until I was sure they were clean of pests.

Let me know if any of that interests you.
just wanted to say this is a great orchid. mine bloomed for the first time this year and the fragrance was really nice. mine is mounted on a cedar shingle indoors. I struggle to keep humidity at even 40% some parts of the year, so it doesn't stay moist for long. it doesn't seem effected by a hard drying in between watering; handling the dryness better thaning my potted Cattleyas. I usually soak it twice weekly & spritz it once or twice in between. I grow it about 5-6" down from the end of two t8 tubes, so it's tolerant of lower light levels than most Dendrobiums. I have limited space, so I'm hanging light weights on the new growths to keep them growing vertically downwards. if you grow it in a pot with limited space you can stake new growths with skewers or just use a grow ring to keep it upright. great plant, hope you enjoy it!
I'm definitely interested.