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Deflategate/Inflate truncate

With the NFL's 49th Super Bowl exactly one week from today, the buzz about footballs in the two weeks leading up to this year's game is quite unexpected.


I don't think anyone could have predicted the uproar that would follow with regards to this humble football.


Through this last week, there have been media reports of low balls, high balls, soft balls, hard balls, old balls, new balls, rubbed balls, scuffed balls, slick balls, sticky balls, tacky balls, low PSI balls, high PSI balls...

...all the way up to my EYEBALLS!

There were even references to Seinfeld and "shrinkage", as if to imply that all ball sacks, from genuine cow hide to pig skin, were vulnerable to so-called shrinkage in cold wet conditions.

All this talk of alleged cheating can get to be...well, downright deflating.

In light of all of that, this is my attempt to balance the bad with something inflating...my N. truncata "reddish leaf" from Wistuba.



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Lol! NFL and Nepenthes are kind of hard subjects to conjoin, but . . . you tried. XD
I heard the N truncata were on offer. Buy two and get a quarter back.

Now after that I think I'll open a window and let the air clear.
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